Teacup Shih Tzus

BoPeep- Current litter can leave for their new homes June 12, 2022

BoPeep's Sire(4lbs) and Dam(5.5lbs)--Puppy Grandparents

Woody(6.8lbs) and BoPeep(4.2lbs) Sire and Dam

Woody's Sire(4lbs) and Dam(5.5lbs)--Puppy Grandparents

Bend Community Farms' Shih Tzus!

Welcome to the fun world of the tiniest little Shih Tzu companion dogs! Our Imperial, or teacup, Shih Tzus are just the cutest. We look to breed for confirmation, large eyes, straight teeth and no health problems. Our puppies are hand raised by our family inside with love, care and attention. We are not a kennel, nor backyard breeders. We are knowledgable and will be here for a lifetime of support. Your puppy will have been started with puppy pad training from birth so your puppy will come to you with potty training knowledge and puppy pad smarts.

The Shih Tzu breed is generally a very healthy breed of dog. They are sturdy, alert and possess a long and flowy hypoallergenic double coat. Their heads are round, broad and wide between the eyes. Being their history is that of the Noble Chinese, they have long been prized companions and palace pets. Their walk is arrogant and poised with a furry, curved tail full of confidence even as wee babes. They are forever puppies with their size and adorable stubby muzzles. True A+ personalities when it comes to looking for your best companion. Our puppies are health checked and come with a toy or baby blanket that was with their litter to help ease the transition to their new homes. This gives them the scent of their littermates.

In our experience the Imperial Shih Tzu breed is the most human-like. They are laid back, loving, gentle, intelligent, love to be spoiled and playful. They love laps and enjoy affection greatly by everyone. They love the whole family, friends and any guest who wants to pet them(which is everyone of course). If you love to accessorize your baby, these are the perfect pooch for you. They have beautiful hair to put in bows and bands. Adorable outfits abound all over the internet for them to be dressed up even cuter......if that is even possible?

Priority Waiting List

If you are interested in adopting a Bend Community Farm's Shih-Tzu please fill out the puppy application below.

This will place you on the Priority Waiting List.

The benefit to our Priority Waiting List is that I will send a private email to each on the list when puppies are born and before making them available on the website, AKC or puppyfinder. You will get a chance to pick before everyone else. I will keep in constant contact with you as a new mom is expecting and email pictures so you can watch them grow. Around 4 weeks I will price them and make them available to those on the priority waiting list.


BoPeep had pups April 17, 2022! Easter babes!

How Does The Priority Waiting List work?

A deposit of $500 will reserve your position on the Priority Wait List once a litter is born. At 4 weeks, you will pick your baby in order of paid deposits. Puppies will only become available elsewhere AFTER everyone on the priority list has chosen theirs. Deposits are non-refundable. Once your puppy is chosen, 1/2 the adoption fee is due within 5 business days. The other half can be paid when you pick up your puppy. All deposits and payments are non-refundable.

Expected adoption fee expected: $4500

Breeding rights rarely given $800 extra

If you want to be on our Priority Waiting List, complete the puppy application. Once I receive that, I will be in contact with you as it is important for us to be comfortable with each other before you send money. These are our sweet babies and it is so so important that they go to forever homes where they will be loved, spoiled and adored by their new families. Note: I will NOT collect any deposit until the litter from your dam of choice has delivered her puppies. At that point I will send out an email to everyone on the priority wait list and begin taking deposits.

Stunning beauty, excellent health, and loving companions in a tiny, perfect package from our home to yours.

Woody's Sire(5lbs) and Dam(6lbs)--Puppy Grandparents

Woody and BoPeep Sire and Dam