2020 Produce CSA SEason closed

Full Share example boxes from our 2019 season

What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal, non-GMO produce directly from a farmer in their community. It is basically a farm share. A farmer offers a certain number of “shares” to the public in the form of a box or bag each week.

Why should I join?

Joining a CSA enables you to have fresh produce each week that is grown locally using safe, higher standards than organic certification practices. It provides you with healthier, fresher produce for a much better price per pound than the local grocery store. The produce doesn't travel thousands of miles, therefore it is fresher and contains more nutrients. It supports small local businesses, boosting the local economy. It also enables you access to the farmer and farm for exclusive events and so much more.

What produce is offered in your CSA?

We will offer over 80 types/varieties of veggies, fruits, herbs in our CSA!! We plan to offer carrots(several types/colors), onions, herbs, Summer squash, winter squash in many different varieties, kale, collards, kohlrabi, fennel, lettuce, beets, pac choi, turnips, Chinese cabbage, radishes, celery, rutabaga, brussels, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, green beans, sweet corn, sugar snap peas, bell peppers, varieties of other peppers, and more. Of these types, we are growing many different colors and varieties of each.

What about produce I am not familiar with, how will I cook it?

We send weekly emails out to all our members with recipes for any new or odd veggies and old beloved ones too. The email gives farm updates, tells you what produce you will receive in a given week and a reminder about pick up. It will be labeled with which week we are on to keep you updated as to how many pick ups are remaining for the season as well. You can also join our facebook group to swap recipes and chat with other CSA members along with farm owners for tips and tricks.

2020 Season:

The 2020 season runs 20 weeks. We are focusing on CSA only this year to ensure the best quality and attention to those who become part of our farm family! June 9 -October 6th, 2020.

Cost for 20 weeks:

  • A Full share will provide for a family who eats a healthy amount of vegetables. Full Share $700

  • A bi weekly share will provide for about 2 people depending on how many vegetables they eat. This share is the newer version of our half share. Instead of coming weekly for smaller harvests, you will come every other week and get a full share. Bi weekly Share $375

We try to have 9 or more varieties each week, though this may vary from 6-8 in the very early/late season to up to 14 or even more types in mid season. Our harvests in 2019 were quite heavy, averaging around 20 lbs each. Mid season, many harvests exceeded 30 lbs!!! #proudfarmers

Where do I pick up my CSA?


  • Stayton on the farm pick up 4-7 PM

Bear Branch Farms 40929 Huntley Rd SE Stayton, OR 97383

Pick up dates:

  1. June 9

  2. June 16

  3. June 23

  4. June 30

  5. July 7

  6. July 14

  7. July 21

  8. July 28

  9. August 4

  10. August 11 DOUBLE SHARE

  11. August 18 No pick up this week :)

  12. August 25

  13. September 1

  14. September 8

  15. September 15

  16. September 22

  17. September 29

  18. October 6 DOUBLE SHARE and final week!

Benefits to being a full share member?

Yes! Enjoy access at different times during the season to more detail oriented items that we will plant for you to self harvest or "you-pick." These items might include sugar snap peas, green and other beans, specialty cucumbers and other yummy produce!

How does CSA pick up work?

Members bring a bag/box/laundry basket of their choice and produce will be in bins with labels that will instruct members to take a certain amount of each item based on box size. There is typically(though not always) a swap/extra bin to trade or just take extras which enables you to semi-customize your share each week. Come early for the best selection.

What if I miss a share?

Please arrange for an alternative person to pick up your share if you're unable. If you cannot make your pick up, please consider donating you box to a family in need that week.

How do I join?

Fill out the member agreement form(located at the bottom of this page) today to reserve your share and choose a payment method. You will then receive an invoice reflecting your payment choice. The Paypal option will reflect a 3% extra charge. Cash payment is preferred Enjoy a 3% discount when paying in cash!

When is payment due?

Paying in a timely matter helps your farmer with upfront costs for the growing season.

You will be invoiced shortly after filling out the Member Agreement Form. A deposit of $100 will be due within 30 days and the remaining balance can be divided into payments between when you sign up and first pick up.

Are there any risks to joining a CSA?

We want to do best by our customers so you keep coming back and tell your friends. If we had a crop issue with pests or a crop failure for some other circumstance, we would do all we could to provide extra of another crop. In turn, when crops are abundant, you will reap the benefit of extra harvest. Going into our 3rd season, we are more confident in our growing practices and plan for crop failure by planting extras so that our customers won't even notice!

Community Connections Program


If you would like to purchase produce for families in need, please contact us. We have found there is a great need for families in our community who cannot afford healthy produce, but need it. We would love to meet this need and know your abundance and generosity would greatly bless families should you choose to donate. We also match families in need with boxes each week of persons who were unable to pick up.

All PayPal payments reflect a 2.9% charge due to Paypal's fee schedule. Google pay enables you to pay online with no fees! This is an awesome new choice we found. You can also send a check or bring cash to the farm which is preferred by your farmers.

INVEST in Your Local Food System!

Amazing to think we are heading into our 5th season growing already! 2020 will be our best season yet with so much more experience and knowledge gained. Join now and make a meaningful investment in your local food system when it matters most. Sign up today below!